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Our Programs

At Centre Bienvenue, we are proud to support people in need with a variety of different programs developed to help them progress on their path to success. These include programs focused on employment and returning to school.

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Transit vers l'emploi

Transit vers l'emploi is a socio-professional integration program that can contribute towards a semi-skilled trade training certificate (CFMS). This program's objective is to develop computer science basics, job interviews skills, interpersonal relations, as well as help select and validate a specific career or profession. Transit offers participants daily classes across three different areas including: the CKCT radio studio, the Café Transit and household maintenance.


For more information, see our brochure.

Employment Support

Are you in need support in your job search or help with your current job?

A work integration specialist is at your disposal and can help guide you in your efforts to find a job or internship in close collaboration with the CSMB of the Jeanne Sauvé Adult Education Centre (CEAJS)

We can help you with:

Resume creation, cover letter, mock interviews, professional references, job search skills, and much more!

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Psychologist's Office
Cooking Lunch

Healthy Lifestyle Workshops

We offer a weekly workshop on a variety of different topics aimed at helping build life skills. Some of them include cooking, personal finance, networking, self-reliance and many more!

For more information on the workshops, contact us today and check out our photo gallery here .

Social Basketball Game

Recreational Activities
& Outings

We also offer recreational and sports activities on a regular basis such as outings, sports competitions, physical activities, yoga, etc. They are open to all including full-time center residents as well as daytime visitors.

For more information on the workshops, contact us today and check out our photo gallery here.

Basketball Game
Social Basketball Game
Organizing the Calendar

Activity Calendar

For the complete list of our activities and the schedule for the current season, please download our calendar below!

If you have any questions or would like to enroll in a specific program,
contact us today.

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