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Our Services

At Center Bienvenue, we pride ourselves on supporting those in need with a variety of different services to help get them on the right track. These include affordable housing, a community atmosphere, a network of local resources as well as several employment integration programs.

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Our partner Résidence Bienvenue offers transitional supervised apartments through the Montreal West Island Integrated
University Health and Social Services Centre. Contact your treatment team for help with your housing needs.



Above all, our center is a community for our clients. Centre Bienvenue is a great place to meet new people, socialize and make life-long friends.

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Psychologist's Office
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Centre Bienvenue is at the heart of a vast support network serving people struggling with mental health problems. We are pleased to share these resources with you since together we can make a difference.

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Do you need support in your job search or your current job? A counselor who specializes in work integration at Centre Bienvenue will listen and note your request and collaborate with the CSMB - Centre Jeanne Sauvé to guide you in your search for work or internship.

Job Interview
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